KCTEW's Asset Protection and Response System (APRS)

The KCTEW's Interagency Analysis Center collects information from a variety of sources. This data is evaluated and analyzed in an effort to identify potential trends or patterns of terrorist or criminal operations within the region. One of the many response "tools" available to the Center in the event of a critical incident is the Asset Protection and Response System (APRS).

The APRS program originally was created to develop a pre-planned, rapid, law enforcement response to school violence situations. After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, local officials realized that the methods used to collect data and information for schools could easily be adapted to pre-plan emergency responses for other critical sites, infrastructure, and key resources which are considered potential terrorist targets within the Greater Kansas City region.

APRS aids public safety agencies in developing a pre-planned emergency response, using an "all-hazards" approach. Collected data might include photographs, maps, contact information and other data from critical sites in your community. This data is stored on a dedicated, secure server housed at the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. Non-Disclosure laws and statutes are in place to protect the privacy of the information provided by each individual site. APRS also assists these agencies mitigate the potentially devastating effects of an incident by assessing threats and vulnerabilities before an incident occurs. First Responders can access this crucial information during any incident, whether natural or man-made, utilizing a computer and a secure log-in system.

Regardless of their size or population, all communities have buildings, businesses and resources that are critical to their daily activities such as hospitals, schools, banks, bridges, power plants and government offices. Disruption of these services or the destruction of property at critical sites like those described above would have an immediate impact on your community.

Privately and publicly owned and operated businesses and corporations within the bistate, nine-county MARC region are eligible to participate in APRS at no cost. Sign up to participate online!

We encourage you to further investigate the APRS program offered to you through the KCTEW. We believe APRS is an important component to any emergency response plan. Your decision to participate is voluntary but we hope you will see the importance of our program not only to your organization but also your community. In a true emergency at your site, the local first responders are your first-line-of-defense.

Whether you chose to participate in the APRS program or not, Please do not overlook the responsibility to your organization, employees, and community to be prepared for a critical incident. Work to develop a positive relationship and partnership with all first responders (police, fire, and emergency medical services) in your community.

For more information, contact Paul Thilges, APRS program coordinator, at 816-413-3588 or kctew@kcpd.org.

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